July 17th, 2010

Happy Birthday Vaughn Bodé

I first heard of Vaughn Bodé thanks to my school friend TK aka SnatchOneskiRocker an original all round B Boy, graffiti writer, DJ and breaker who now works in music. In 1989 TK painted this fantastic lizard at the 3 Corners Hall of Fame in London.

Starting with artists like Seen and Dondi in New York, writers have been reproducing Vaughn’s characters on trains and walls the world over since the 1970s. His vast body of work can be found in books with names like Deadbone Erotica and Junkwaffel populated by characters like Harry in the Amber Block and Cheech Wizard. His remarkable cartoons are crude, philosophical, grotesque, beautiful, sad, mean and often very funny.

The Bodé legacy is looked after by tatooist and cartoonist Mark Bodé – just 12 years old when his father passed away on July 18 1975 at the age of 33.

See my light come shining brightly is a moving account of Vaughn’s life by Bob Levin.

Vaughn Bodé, Happy Birthday to you, wherever and everywhere you are.

All images copyright Bodé. Photo of Snatch character copyright Toby Howell.

Zooks and out.


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